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Do you have wiring problems? If you are looking for an electrician in the Palm Coast FL and Flagler, Volusia & St. John’s counties, Wanerka Electric is the best electrician contractor, with the best service and the most affordable prices around. We guarantee all of our electrician services, and we pride ourselves in the reasonable estimates we offer.

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I believe that Wanerka is the best and most honest electrical company around. We have used them several times and when Nick came out he explained everything... Read More

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Wanerka Electric

Address: Palm Coast FL 32137

Phone: (386) 446-9626

At Wanerka Electric, we have a combination of 50 years experience between our Long Island (NY) and Palm Coast (FL) locations and are determined to handle any electrical issue that comes our way. We also service a 60 mile radius

Electrical problems can be difficult to diagnose and repair, and they can cost you a lot of money. A residential wiring system that has bad connections or old wiring can even cost you more in electric bills. Not to mention the great loss and expense that can occur if your electrical system fails. That is why you deserve the peace of mind that comes from having professional electrician service done in your home or place of business.

Professional electrical services in Palm Coast FL.There are many services that are included under the umbrella of electrician service. As we already mentioned, having a professional electrician contractor inspect your home or business can save you money in electrician services charges, and avoid the loss that can come from an ineffective electrical connection or old wiring. Having a professional install your wiring system is a necessity. An inspection service can also save you from any fire or substantial damage to your home or business. When an older electrical fixture or appliance fails, it can result in a fire that could be disastrous if not found in time. Your business or home depends on having wiring, appliances and fixtures that are safe and efficient. So whenever you need the help of an electrician contractor do not hesitate to act immediately and call Wanerka Electric for assistance.

Lighting systems are an important part of the home or business as well. They should be inspected following installation, and as they get older to ensure that connections were made properly, and to make sure they work properly. Of course, lights do generate heat, and that is why the fixtures should be inspected after a few years. The insulators and wiring may dry and crack after years of service, and once they are past being serviceable they should be replaced.

Call Wanerka Electric  for a free electric services.Wiring outlets can last a great while without any problems, if they were properly connected. One of the most common problems with outlets is overloading. Instead of using a large amount of extension cords and such, you should be using outlet strips with safety disconnects. This will stop an overload from causing too much heat or damaging the wiring. In bathrooms and kitchens, a ground fault plug is good to have, in the event of a short resulting from water. Using electrical appliances in bathrooms is safer this way.

We provide 24 hours emergency service.

If you have a large wiring job in a home or business, having a professional doing it all is the best you can do. You deserve the confidence that comes with knowing that all of the those wires are going where they are supposed to go, and they are connected properly.

For all of your electrician needs in the Palm Coast FL area, call Wanerka Electric at (386) 446-9626 today. We will be happy to assist you right away.

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